Click any picture to see the animals and scenery on Norris Farm

Norris Farm is located on 50 acres in Hardinsburg, Indiana (southern Indiana).  Three acres are fully fenced for the dogs to roam.  Click the barn to see pictures of the farm.

There are two ponds on the property.  One is reserved for King Buddy of Norris Farm (large billy goat) and his family of goats (16!).  They have rocks and logs to climb on, and shelter for the rainy and winter months.   Click the goat to see our King Buddy and his Loyal Subjects!

We have two pot bellied pigs, Zoey and Gracie, and 7 commercial sized pigs (Sally (mama), Spanky (2 are named Spanky because we can't tell them part!), Rosie Greer,  Babe, Pricilla, and Daisy, all living their lives out on the farm.  Click the pig to see Zoey and the gang!

Our seven cats are Pele, Lava, Lani, Aristotle, Tabitha, Princess, and Quincy.   They were all strays and will also all live their lives out on the farm - they earn their keep, we haven't seen a rat or mouse in over a year! Click the cat to meet them!

We have lots of chickens which are mostly pets, although we do enjoy free eggs!  Current King of the flock is Pierre.  We also have a flock of Guinea Hens on the farm.  Click the chicken to see our feathered friends.

And finally, we have a horse named Ziggy. We don't have a barn yet for Ziggy, so she is boarded next door, but we hope to bring her home to Norris Farm later this year. Click the horse to meet Miss Ziggy!