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UPDATE 12/20/23:  After opening yet another new ticket to get unblocked from the site, support at Meta FINALLY got my page back for me.  It took a full month and literally dozens of emails, social media pleas for help, and letters to various agencies to bring attention to the matter.  We will be closing down the hacked page (all disgusting videos have now been removed) after our followers move over to the new page, SeniorPawsRescue1

Many thanks to all who supported us through this devastating ordeal.  We were unable to fundraise on Giving Tuesday or over the holiday season due to this situation, but so many of you stepped up to help us survivie.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.



On or around November 18, 2023, a hacker took over the original Senior Paws Rescue Facebook account (http://www.Facebook.com/SeniorPawsRescue) and removed all access from me.   Senior Paws Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that provides a "rest of life" refuge to abandoned, abused, neglected, or surrendered senior dogs where they can live out their lives with care, companionship, and lots of love.  We are in danger of having to shut down our non-profit due to losing our Facebook account and the donations we rely on to care for these dogs.  For the last two years we have averaged $1,416 per month in donations via Facebook; we are now receiving nothing as we cannot connect with our followers.  While I have started a new page, SeniorPawsRescue1, we now only have about 300 followers and cannot receive donations as we have to start all over registering with Facebook as a non-profit and building our following back up.  This has been DEVASTATING to our small non-profit.  

I tried all the recovery methods Facebook recommends, but the hacker has completely removed all identifying information and has blocked me from my own non-profit page.  The hacker has also changed the site to a gaming site and is now posting disgusting animal cruelty videos.  While this evil individual should be held accountable, the broader issue is that Meta must secure their platform and provide support to users of the platform. 

I am holding Meta accountable for recovering our page, for putting in place security measures to protect small businesses and non-profit organizations from hackers, and for providing support to those impacted by hackers on their platform. The impact is devasting.  Meta MUST do better.    I opened a support ticket on November 20, 2023 but have had no communication of any value that gets our page recovered.  

I will not accept recommendations for external sources of recovery for the page.  Many of those offering to recover the page are actually hackers themselves. I have no way of knowing who is legitimate and who is trying to harm our non-profit even further. 

Meta has a social responsibility to protect us and to help us when we are compromised.

I am putting forth a call to action to all of you.   

Please help us by taking any or all of the following actions:

  • If you are able to donate to help us survive through this ordeal, here are options for helping:  How You Can Help (seniorpawsrescue.org)
  • If you follow us on Facebook, unfollow the original page (facebook.com/seniorpawsrescue) and follow our new page (facebook.com/seniorpawsrescue1).  
  • Report the original page to Facebook:  How to Report a Facebook Page and What Happens When You Do That (nerdschalk.com)
  • Post comments on the vidoes on the hacked page (facebook.com/SeniorPawsRescue) to let people know it was hacked.  Suggestion:  This page was hacked and stolen from a legitimate 501(c)(3) organization.  Please stop following this page and report it to Facebook. 
  • Contact Meta's Board of Directors to let them know they have a responsibility to protect and support their platform users.  Share this page with them!  Address:  Corporate Secretary, Meta, 1 Meta Way, Menlo Park, CA  94025. 
  • Contact your state representative and ask them to help us hold Meta accountable for protecting small businesses, non-profits, and individuals by securing their platform and providing support when we are compromised.  Find Your Representative | house.gov
  • Share these videos : https://TIKTOK CALL TO ACTION - Senior Paws Rescue  and Help Hold Meta Accountable to Protect Against Hackers
  • If you know of a small business, non-profit, or individual who has suffered financial loss due to being hacked on Facebook please have them email us at SeniorPawsRescue@Yahoo.com.  I am trying to form a large group of impacted organizations and individuals to bring broader attention to this issue, and to possibly take legal action against Meta if they continue to ignore our pleas for help.
  • Share this page and our social media posts about this issue broadly and often. I will provide regular updates on actions I am taking until Meta takes responsibility.
  • If you know anyone in the media industry or any public figure who can use their celebrity to help, please have them contact us at SeniorPawsRescue@Yahoo.com.

Thank you for helping us fight against hackers and for holding social media platforms accountable.


Pamela Bereman

Founder and Director