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The Last Dog

Since inception, Senior Paws Rescue has taken in 73 dogs.  With the exception of four who were either reunited with their original owner or were adopted by one of the SPR Board members, they all lived their lives out with us in a comfortable home.  They have all known care, companionship, and love in their final days.  

In early 2023 we adopted our last dog....Sam.  We are transitioning out of being a refuge and into mentoring and being advocates for other dog rescues.  Below is a Facebook post from SPR Founder Pam Norris explaining the reason for the transition.


Over the next two to three years Senior Paws Rescue will transition to supporting and advocating for rescues. I am willing to serve on Boards, mentor other rescues, and help with fundraising. I'm also considering setting up a foster program under the SPR organization.

After 20+ years of rescue it is time for me to transition. The constant cleaning, feeding, vet visits, fundraising, and medical care is wearing on me, and as I get older it is getting harder to carry larger dogs that need special care. I'd also like the freedom to travel for more than one or two nights at a time while I'm still agile enough to do so!

Having rescued over 70 dogs and helping 47 cross the Rainbow Bridge....my heart also needs a rest. The 22 dogs currently in my care will remain with me until it is their time to cross over.

SPR will no longer adopt rescued seniors going forward. The 22 dogs currently in care, plus the advocacy for other rescues, will need your support, so SPR will continue to fundraise and we hope you will stick with us!

Thank you SO MUCH for all the love and support you have given us over the years. We simply could not have done this without you!

Meet Sam...the Last Dog to be adopted by Senior Paws Rescue.